The Rick-O-Sound (Rickenbacker)

Stereo Signal Split Box



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 Here's your solution to splitting the pickups of your Rickenbacker with Rick-O-Soundâ„¢, or other instrument wired in stereo, to two separate amps or another multiple-input destination.
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Below is a picture of my own Rickenbacker bass that I use for gigs.  It is a 2013 Model 4003 that I bought new in Portland, Oregon.  I used the pickguard from my Model 360/12 as a template, then built a pickguard for the bass that resembles the more typical Rickenbacker shape pickguard.  I also replaced the bridge pickup with another neck pickup that I did a RWRP on (Reverse-Wire, Reverse-Polarity).  It not only killed the hum, it made the Ric sound meaner than ever!  It's something I've always wanted to do to give it my own personal touch.    

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