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Stereo Signal Split Box

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  Here's another use for Rich-E-Split - you can MERGE headphone outputs from two amps to stereo headphones!
  • Many of today's guitar/bass amps have a headphone output for silent listening.  If both of your amps have headphone jacks, you can bring them into a Rich-E-Split box, plug in a set of stereo headphones or earbuds, then you can listen to the split pickups via the amps, left and right, through the headphones.
  • There are at least two advantages to doing this: 1) usually when the headphones jack on an amp is plugged in, it disconnects the main speaker(s) so you can listen without disturbing anyone else.  And 2) because you are listening through stereo headphones, you can hear clearly and with distinct left/right separation how you tailor the sound of each split pickup AFTER any effects and tone controls are applied.  This is where you can really hear the beauty of Rick-O-Sound.
  • Although amp headphone outputs are usually stereo, you can use your regular (mono) guitar or patch cables here.  They will work fine going to the Rich-E-Split.  Then you use regular stereo headphones or earbuds from the Rich-E-Split.

  • You may need to use inexpensive conversion plugs to go from/to 1/8" and 1/4" plugs, if necessary.
  • WARNING!  Do NOT try to do this using the powered speaker output jack from your amps.  That might damage or destroy your headphones, and maybe even your hearing!  Use only headphone outputs on your amps, and only if so equipped!
  • Be advised that this application requires TWO Rich-E-Split boxes - one to split the Rick-O-Sound to two amps, the second to merge the headphone jacks from the two amps back to a single set of stereo headphones.


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