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Stereo Signal Split Box

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The Rich-E-Split Box                 20' Stereo (TRS) Cable               20' Stereo (TRS) Cable

                                              Switchcraft™ (Both Straight)    Switchcraft™ (Straight/90°)


                                                         (Sold Separately)



We have suspended production of Rich-E-Split boxes indefinitely while we are attending to other unrelated matters.   We are not sure when, or if, we will be back in production but please check back here occasionally for updates.  We're sorry for any inconvenience, and want to thank all of you for the interest and patronage over the years!


Please click HERE to be taken to a separate page for our Store.  You can complete your purchase there.  It is safe, secure, and accepts PayPal as well as all major credit cards.  You do not need to be a member of PayPal to purchase!

The Rich-E-Split Box is $39.95 US
Shipping for only the Rich-E-Split box:
To the U.S.A. is $4.95 US
To Canada is $10.00 US
To anywhere else on the planet is $15.00 US
20 Foot Premium Stereo (TRS) Cable with Switchcraft™ Plugs (Your choice: 90°/straight or straight/straight) is $32.95 US
Shipping for only the Stereo cable OR BOTH the cable and the Rich-E-Split box shipped together:
To the U.S.A. is $12.95 US
To Canada is $17.00 US
To anywhere else on the planet is $25.00 US
USPS shipping rates to international destinations have gone up significantly recently.  Sorry.
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