The Rick-O-Sound (Rickenbacker)

Stereo Signal Split Box

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  Why YOU need one.
  • We hand-make each one, right here in the U.S.A., using the highest quality components.
  • Only the best jacks - Switchcraft™ - are used. Yes, you can definitely tell the difference.  You can feel the solid, tight, and secure snap and hold of your plugs.  Switchcraft™ components are built for life, using only the finest materials.
  • We provide a quality, affordable means to use your Rick-O-Sound that is hard to find anywhere else.
  • Rickenbacker quit producing the Rick-O-Sound™ Kit Box a long time ago - they are no longer available anywhere.
  • I've heard you can get a stereo/mono split cable or adapter from Radio Sh..k, BUT if you own a Rickenbacker, would you really want something from Radio Sh..k in your premium equipment loop?
  • If you use a stereo/mono split cable, and any part of the cable fails, your Rick-O-Sound is out of business.
  • If any cable in/out of the Rich-E-Split box fails, you just swap out the cable and you're playing again.
  • Using the Rich-E-Split, YOU get to choose the quality, components, and length of your cables.  Cables are a very personal choice, and only you know what makes you comfortable and confident.
  • Splitting two pickup signals opens up endless possibilities for individual tones, effects, and amping.  It's all up to your imagination.
  • Every one is brand new.
  • The Rich-E-Split box is guaranteed (click here to check it out).
  • You won't find Rich-E-Split in any music store!
  • Once you've "gone stereo", you'll probably never go back!

Rick-O-Sound™ is a Registered Trademark of Rickenbacker International Corporation.
Rich-E-Split is in no way affiliated with, endorsed, supported, or authorized by Rickenbacker International Corporation.