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About Stereo (TRS) cables

To split your Rick-O-Sound output on your instrument to two separate signals, you DO need a Stereo (TRS) Cable to go from the instrument to the Stereo input on the Rich-E-Split box.  Both ends of the cable need 1/4" Stereo (TRS) plugs, either straight or angled.
What is "TRS"?
TRS refers to "Tip, Ring, Sleeve".  These are the three conductors necessary to give a stereo signal.  Your Rick-O-Sound output sends the bridge pickup signal to the "Tip", the neck pickup to the "Ring", and both pickups share a common ground to the "Sleeve".  Regular MONO instrument cables have only two conductors - Tip and Sleeve.  Stereo cables are easy to spot - they have the extra "line" on the barrel of the plug.

Where can I get a Stereo (TRS) Cable?
You may be able to find what you need at your local electronics or music gear store.  And certainly you can find one on the internet.  If you search (ex. Google) for a term like "stereo TRS instrument cable" you will see a lot of choices.  The brands, lengths, vendors, components, and prices give you plenty of options.  If you narrow down to a couple of choices, I recommend doing another search on "reviews" of a particular brand of cable you are considering.  The opinions of real people who have bought and used these cables can tell a lot - especially reviews of bad cables to avoid.  Also I recommend getting an "instrument" cable and not a "patch" cable.  A patch cable tends to be narrower in gauge and not very practical in long lengths that guitar/bass players usually need.  This picture shows the difference.
Keep in mind that whatever you plug into your Rickenbacker™ should be as high quality as the Rickenbacker™ itself.   Also remember that the cable is going to get walked on, kicked around, and tugged on both ends.  Allow yourself enough length for any situation. 
What Stereo (TRS) Cable does Rich-E-Split endorse?
Our customers often ask me to recommend a cable.  Having tried a variety of them myself, I found one that met all of my needs: Best-Tronics Mfg., Inc. at  The quality was outstanding, they offered the best plug choices, I got to choose my own length, and their prices were excellent compared to other options out there. 

Best-Tronics hand-makes your cable as a custom order, so it may take a few extra days to get it, but it is well worth it.  When I got my cable I was really impressed.  The quality far surpassed my expectations, and it sounds great.  I can tell that it will take all the abuse I can give it.  If you are loyal to a particular brand of cable, like Monster or Planet Waves, by all means go with what you know.  But if you are still shopping for a superb TRS cable, take a look  at Best-Tronics Mfg., Inc. at  Just click on their logo here:

Can I buy a Stereo (TRS) Cable directly from Rich-E-Split?
Yes!  I keep a small amount of brand new Best-Tronics Mfg., Inc. cables on-hand for the convenience of our Rich-E-Split customers.  They are 20 feet long, have Switchcraft™ plugs - one straight and one right-angle, and are made in the U.S.A. with the finest components.  Since all Rickenbackers™ have their output jacks on the instrument edge, one right-angle plug made a lot of sense.  These cables carry the Rich-E-Split branding band to show our endorsement, and have a quality velcro wrap band to keep the cable tidy.  You can purchase these on our "Store" page.  If you prefer your cable with straight plugs on both ends, we have those too.  Just make your choice in the Shopping Cart.  If you need a different configuration, such as length or type of plugs, you can certainly custom order them directly from Best-Tronics Mfg., Inc. at  Here's a look at the cables we have available for you here at Rich-E-Split.  Check out the fine professional soldering on the plugs.

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